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#Amazon has revolutionized the way #authors can sell their #books and be read all over the world. It as brought about an authors’ victory.  It has, in the process, reduced the number of books published in the traditional way. It is remarkable how a single company/store can change the future of books in the world.
Amazon manages its affairs brilliantly and the way they supply books and other goods all over the world is a miracle of sorts. It is easy to miss out the hard work and thought put into the company’s success.
Amazon knows pretty well that what will be bought must be well displayed and they display things with the highest proficiency. They also know the value of reviews and allow people to review books and other #goods  so that  buyers get an objective view of the articles they are purchasing. and their other branches have linked up with Twitter and other social media in an ingenious manner and Twitter does more for Amazon than any other social media mechanism.

The biggest insight that authors gain because of and its branches is that they  get a considerably clear picture of how their books are selling. For authors, there is a very useful section, called Author Central in which each author can take a page and sign in. After that, they get a statistical display of how well or poorly their books have performed in the course of twenty-four hours. There is, in addition, an hourly accounting which leads to a bestseller ranking list.

An author is generally a person who has withdrawn from #society to go inwards and describe what is deeply felt. In this condition, an author can feel #alienated, lonely, isolated and depressed. By having the world of other authors, buyers and members of the publishing industry tied up with them through this segment of the Internet, they can tide over their feeling of being cut off. Thanks for this miracle are due to #Jeff #Bezos from all authors. I for one have written three books of fiction: #MARRIAGES #ARE #MADE #IN #INDIA, #THE #TAILOR’S #NEEDLE and #INTRIGUING #WOMEN. I am able to reach out to buyers only because of and its branches.


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