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Novels in Progress

1. The Little Hero
A Young Adult novel, The Little Hero is a young boy’s entry into a  boarding school, where he has a rough time to begin with, but where he nevertheless grows up to make several good friends. These boys ultimately accompany him to discover who his actual mother is and help him to rescue her from where she has been imprisoned by her treacherous husband.

2. Mocking Bird
A literary novel about a cynical poet who is unable to like virtually anything or anyone he comes across. His unfortunate childhood and his love affairs seem to be behind his troublesome life.

3. Bernard Shaw: A Secret Life
A novel, not a biography, about a fictional love affair of George Bernard Shaw with a woman who comes to settle in India, with her brother, and narrates the story of her life with Shaw to an Indian woman she has befriended.

4. I A Ass
A mystery.  There is an I. A. S. (Indian Administrative Service) officer who dies leaving behind two women, each claiming to have been his wife. The novel is a journey into unravelling of the truth about the actual wife.


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  1. Santu Bhattacharya Santu Bhattacharya

    Sir, your 4th Novel seems to be very interesting.. I wish you all the very best for your upcoming thoughts.!! Remain cheerful.

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