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How Authors Can Sell More Books

How Authors Can Sell More Books

It’s not only how to get noticed but how to remain noticed that helps an author to sell more books, particularly the books that are self-published, though the same applies to the traditionally published book as well. We know that the cover needs to be attractive to catch the eye of the reader. The editing should be professionally done. If a book is well written it is likely to be recommended from reader to reader. But in the case of a book with grammatical errors or typos one can hope for little pushing through word of mouth.

The book must not be priced too high or too low. Money that changes hands matters a great deal in every transaction. It is a major reason for readers to first buy the book and then recommend it to others.

The book must be distributed well to become available in major bookstores. If it is not available in stores it will only be bought online, which is just half the number of sales that a book can achieve. When a prospective buyer goes to a store looking for a book and doesn’t find it there she will rarely make much further effort to discover where the book is available.

Of course book reviews, particularly amazon reviews will help. To get more Amazon reviews is a complicated process but well worth attempting. Then there are book reviews that blogs feature and the ones in reviewing journals and papers all play a role in how authors sell more or less books.

A self-published book if published very cheaply will entail a lot of effort and expense on the part of the author. Hence the choice of publisher and the packet/package of publication chosen with a self-publishing company are very important. There are, unfortunately, no shortcuts. Even publishing with a traditional publisher will require the author to spend on publicity in normal circumstances.


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