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I Think I Know

I Think I Know


I think I know,

When others think they know.

What my mind informs seems right;

Others’ minds don’t matter.

The world is where I am,

Other worlds are like fiction.

At others, I can laugh

But let them not laugh at me.

Let me win and crush all else;

They don’t deserve to be seen;

Visible like me to the masses.

Why should any contender be here at all?

The animal in me does not allow another male,

To either pass or even fail respectably.

I may not demarcate the territory where I am boss,

As dogs do; but I do something similar to

Those who dare to stand up in opposition.

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  1. Rajnish chaubey Rajnish chaubey

    Realy it’s true nature of men

  2. Dinesh Kushwaha Dinesh Kushwaha

    That is very true. Three days ago I dreamed of Prof. L.R. Sharma. He was teaching us in our Class as 8 years ago he taught us in our classroom when I was in graduation at the Allahabad University. The facts about the dream I could not understand, but now I see this post, my doubts have been cleared.

    Thanks, Sir.

    You are Great.

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