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Blogs rather than Facebook and Twitter

Blogs rather than Facebook and Twitter seems to be emerging as the current need. Facebook and Twitter are supposed to get you a number of new customers, readers, clients, audiences or what have you. Our times demand that we spend a lot of time working on these Social Networks to promote our work. There are hundreds of articles on the internet that claim that these will be substantially helpful. And so they may be to some that know all the tricks of these trades. But my experience with these is that they want you to opt for advertising with them, which is pretty costly. And when you advertise with them you hardly manage to target the audience you want to aim at. You end up getting noticed only by your own friends and followers. That’s like a bad joke.
Getting noticed by people on social media is difficult and slow. I think a great method is to write on others’ blogs or to link your own blog with those of others. Our own blogs can get some traffic gradually and the best way of getting more is to tie up with people that are like-minded and following the same pursuits. I am a writer of literary fiction and therefore should be on the lookout for other writers of literary fiction or at least for other writers of fiction. I should team up with them and make arrangements to work in harmony with some writers of my kind. Once we manage to post on each other’s blogs we will be noticed far more than we would otherwise.

I have just written a novella, SABA & NISHA (A Love Story), which will be out on the 21st of September. If I can announce this through others’ blogs and take the responsibility of making similar announcements for others on my blog, I will have gone far beyond what Facebook and Twitter will do for me. I do not say we should give up Facebook and Twitter. I believe that we should go beyond them.

Saba & Nisha was written after I heard of how an accident caused by nature changed everything for a certain person for life. My novella is a story of a boy and girl who like each other, go out together and slip down together into a ditch below a steep river bank. The two couple there and then return to find everything gone out of control in their lives.

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