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From Chhotie Ammi

“The noise of the wedding was over at last. Aslam found himself lying alone in the room next to the one in which his father lay with the bride. Aslam couldn’t sleep. He missed his mother. She had always slept near him. He was unable to sleep without her. He wondered how wretched the poor thing would be, and lay tossing from side to side in his torment. He didn’t realize that his tears were changing into sobs. The sobs were getting louder and louder even though he tried very hard to suppress them… The newly weds must have been together for at least two hours. Aslam heard the door between the rooms open. Thinking that it was his father who was entering to console him, Aslam stiffened his body even as he sobbed on. He waited for some time but no one said anything. After some time, Aslam opened his eyes slightly. In the little light that was filtering in he saw that it was the bride, not his father.”


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