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Now I Know

Now I know

Now I know, you may not. Or you may.
In life’s muddle you can skip the puddle.
Know that the onward journey must appear
Crystal clear before the eye. A clear road
Sketched out on canvas and easel.
The road that leads to life; life beyond life.
Ahead of the strife, the struggle, the wife,
Lies eternity. Ahead of the husband lies joy.
Our enemies, our fellows, are hurdles to cross
In a race that is tiring; every minute expiring
Brings you closer to the end; an end which
Is the beginning of breathing; end of suffocation.
It is the end of damnation, disease, negation.
The road, the journey, the destination
Is the end of all; the design of creation.

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  1. Ankur Tripathi Ankur Tripathi

    The enigma of after-life existence is curious. The images we get from our scriptures are often appalling. Its soothing to get the picture of a blessed life after death free from judgments and ensuing punishments. The challenges that life poses, denying an individual a moment of peace should not be taken too seriously not to be done with. Macbeth crossed my mind: “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing“.
    Musicality in the poem achieved by alliteration runs like an undercurrent of hope amidst the heavy-set chain of pain, suffering and endurance that life offers.

  2. Thanks for that beautiful comment, Ankur. Your illusion from Macbeth is rather apt.

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