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I am a sum of some images

I am a sum of some images

The world, I hardly recognize it. A cigarette drags out my lungs.
Old memories fade in newer scenario. Its beer alternating with rum.
The stars they no more glimmer; the sun now needs a shade.
Eyesight is hazy, limbs feel lazy; mind foggy, I am groggy.
Seem to sit on a volcano; sharks out of the sea waiting for me.
New gadgets attract only for minutes; old pleasures just wean away.
My rhythms don’t match my subjects; body language opposes my words.
Music makes me cry; my house seems a sty; I am a sum of some images.

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  1. Ankur Tripathi Ankur Tripathi

    The poet`s experiments with new metaphors and novel images is exciting. Noteworthy is the beer-rum transformation. Rhythm-subject and word–action conflict is equally capturing.

  2. Thank you very much, Ankur. Your comments are very mature indeed.

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