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Temporal Patterns and Magical Realism

I now realize why I tend to write magical realism. My imagination sees patterns in time and temporal movements. It tends to make sense of the complexities of Time. My life’s experiences have shown me how there are temporal-phases which are also time-bound. Time seems to operate in a phased manner. Good times for one are replaced by not so good times and vice versa. Time, therefore, doesn’t seem to be quite a dead entity for me. It comes with great plans for some and not such great plans for others. It is an agent of providential powers that sometimes go by the name of Fate. In THE TAILOR’S NEEDLE, and in most of my writings, Time has a definite role to play in the lives of mortals.

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  1. Ajay Kumar Yadav Ajay Kumar Yadav

    Very Profound thought Sir. What time has suggested till now,and what would it be suggesting in the future that everything in this world is sporadic that is they happen in periods. We should not be so elated or depressed as both are short lived.

  2. Thanks, Ajay. You are quite right. Everything does change and become what it is not to begin with.

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