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Fiction: Butterflies and Earthy Beings


Butterflies and Earthy Beings


Intriguing Women
Intriguing Women


Just as one likes a garden more than a vegetable garden, even though the former gives one little more than aesthetic pleasure, one can be drawn towards butterflies rather than earthy women even though the former are hardly as useful. Men and Women can be so lovable when they do a lot for the family which may make them earthy. But men and women can be like butterflies that flit from flower to flower and end up doing little more than spreading pollen of dissatisfaction. Alternatively, they can be like #Hillary #Clinton.
In fiction, writers need both the butterflies and the earthy. Together these two categories of people make up society. Society is about the best and worst thing invented by the human mind. On the one hand it provides security and order to an otherwise wild human existence. On the other, it kills what is innate in men and women, the desire to follow nature. Fiction also draws upon this tension in human life; it juxtaposes the individual who would follow instinct against the one that would be guided by better sense.
A great work of fiction often does just this: it puts individuals against society and reveals how what seems collectively right can be actually wrong. It can reveal how every new development in Man’s evolution can be a movement away from what is rotten in society. Fiction can reveal the old guard fighting against the contemporary desire to progress in an avant-garde manner. The newer behaviour will always seem and feel wrong, but it can take us further, towards evolution.
Fiction is the best medium to show this phenomenon. When I write fiction, I often have an unconscious urge to inlay this motif in my stories and novels. As a result, my new story collection, Intriguing Women, and my novel, The Tailor’s Needle, are marked by an inherent desire to paint a picture of what is contemporary and how this can be right in spite of what it may seem in society. I hope that my readers will notice this feature in my fiction.


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