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The Tailor’s Needle, Who is He?


The Tailor's Needle
The Tailor’s Needle

The Tailor’s Needle, Who is he?

The world in which we were born is constantly changing. We too are changing with age. #Life is, therefore, a sequence of adjustments in which we need to keep learning to like every new situation that comes our way. Learning to like things is almost an art. Not everyone has the capacity to learn an art or be artistic. The #artist gets lost in his art and escapes the bitterness of life. Those who manage to do this through the actual arts, or those who look upon life itself to live it in the spirit of an artist, are flexible people. They are capable of surrendering their egos to something larger. They can recognize what the need of the changed situation is. They do not ruin themselves because their world is changing or because it has changed. They make the necessary adjustments. I have called such a person the tailor’s needle, in my novel by that name. They are like the #tailor’s #needle that will pass through every cloth material (cotton, silk, or jute) without making any distinctions. To be the tailor’s needle is to live life like an artist who provides delight even in the most unpleasant and negative situations; situations like resentment, gloom or #depression. Such a person is ultimately the winner because he has passed over difficult moments in a state of enjoyment. The artistic temperament is essentially one of dejection; art is like a bridge that helps to tide over dejection. One can either become artistic (#painter, #musician or #writer) or an artist in the way one lives life. The latter is a person I consider to be The Tailor’s Needle.

The Tailor's Needle
The Tailor’s Needle
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