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Moving from story to story, as a Writer

Marriages are made in India
Marriages are made in India
Intriguing Women
Intriguing Women

Moving from Story to Story, as a Writer: MARRIAGES ARE MADE IN INDIA and INTRIGUING WOMEN

#Story-writing is very much a part of creation.  A story can be like a little #baby wanting to get out of the #mother’s #womb. #Writers are indeed like mothers that deliver stories to the world. Generally, these babies are delivered without much family planning. The planning, however, is usually done, even if it is infinitesimal, at the level of the conception, if the story is not to develop like an unplanned baby. It gets its legitimacy only if the writer is careful not to allow others’ thoughts and styles to stray into it and must not let his story get an uncared for look. The story will probably develop into a respectable piece of writing only if it has had proper, nourishment and attention between the time of #conception and #gestation. Like a mother who cares for the baby that is to arrive, the writer needs to pay every attention to the forthcoming story. Sometimes writers pay every possible attention to the novel but they do not do the same for the short story. Short stories can spring up saucily from somewhere. That, however, should be discouraged unless one is a romantic author, little connected with society and what people generally expect from stories.

But sometimes stories do spring up saucily indeed, as if from nowhere, and turn into rebellious children defying rules and expectations. Such stories seem to have been denied proper attention and could even be blamed for improper breeding but they can contain that noble savage look; the look which comes from surrendering to spontaneity and impulse. These are by no means less attractive unless they have become big disasters.

Most of my own stories have suddenly appeared in my mind and before I have realized it, they have been completed. I have sometimes felt ashamed to own some of my stories as my own because initially they have appeared rather ordinary to my mind. But then, with time, I began to see what was good in them; you like your own children; you grow so fond of them that you feel unhappy discarding them. After all, you have given them their life.

I have allowed my stories to go out into the world and fend for themselves. I am amazed at the response my story collections, first #MARRIAGES #ARE #MADE #IN #INDIA and now #INTRIGUING #WOMEN have got. The unplanned child seems to have been accepted after all.

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