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I love the BJP and I wish it did not suffer from some strange, unusual kind of glitches. I like it because I, like some other Indians, have been bowled over by the antics of our performer Prime Minister. But the BJP is a party with several unsolvable problems. First, most of its leaders are people with stony hearts; hearts that do not bleed for the middle-class and lower middle-class Indian. You see this on the faces of the likes of Subramaniam Swamy, Amit Shah and Venkaiah Naidu. Their faces read like books. If you try to find out when either of these did something good for humanity last, you will have to pick your brains hard. Arun Jaitley is fast traveling on the same path. Their first job has been to get after the Gandhi family and produce something against them. Their achievements are of a negative nature.
Nehru and Atal Bihari constantly made an effort to find the right man for the right post; the present BJP only thinks of the RSS type whenever an important post is to be filled. It is therefore quite clear that most of our institutions will be governed and headed by unenlightened people; those who are governed by narrow-minded considerations. Indira Gandhi appointed Atal Bihari as India’s ambassador to China. Can you ever think of the BJP doing such a thing?
As a nation, India will have made good foreigner partners under Modi’s strategies, but India itself will boil towards revolt as the able-minded are ignored while the RSS types are promoted.
Modi himself is able and enthusiastic but is increasingly being crippled by a team of hard-hearted ministers who are undisturbed by rising prices or when they double the money paid by the traveller when cancelling a railway ticket. These are only two examples of the party’s callousness. Smriti Irani is another black spot, unaffected by everything that is going wrong with the universities. In the beginning, one thought that she was spirited and would act. But that was not to be. The richest Indians support this party saying that the efforts of the BJP’s policies will become visible after five years. But after five years we will be a ruined nation with little more than a charming Prime Minister who will be deserted by the foreign powers because the nation will have got disintegrated.

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  1. Devraj Singh Devraj Singh

    Cannot agree with you more on this comprehension of the current situation in our country. Our PM actually takes pride in visiting countries to ask for money rather than creating the right environment.

    What next in the name of innovation? Introducing Postal ballot by impressing NRIs across the globe by giving inspiring speeches? Why do we always fall for such changes when we have continued to live under all kinds of governments inflicting their style of governance on us. Perhaps hope is the only thing no government can ever take from us. It is becoming very difficult for us to choose the right party and the best we can do is to stop one to tolerate the other. Bihar is beginning to experience wrath of the Prasads this time once again by keeping the BJP away. May god be with us as always.

  2. That is a brilliant analysis of the Indian political scene, Devraj. But then our country has been governed by the Almighty rather than the various governments that came to power. He will ultimately come to our rescue before we have finally collapsed.

  3. Ajay Kumar Yadav Ajay Kumar Yadav

    Sir , a very profound analysis of how politicians act when they get power. The Modi government should act on abolishing poverty in India which is a burning reality.

    • Thkining like that shows an expert’s touch

  4. Narendra Upadhyay Narendra Upadhyay

    The human consideration is very fine Sir. Politics is the affair of running human life affairs towards betterment and should be all-encompassing, inclusive in essence. Exclusion isn’t a very good strategy in the long run, even in the short run. Very agreeable and enlightening.

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