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Reading is the Key to a Successful Life: Try KINDLE

If only we could realize in good time how vital it is to read fiction, and nonfiction, in order to be successful people in life, we would earmark and keep aside a slot of time in our daily routines for reading novels, stories and other interesting books.

Fiction grips the reader as no other form of writing does and when nonfiction acquires the same power, it is largely fiction, using the same narrative skills and techniques. I have seen, as a teacher of over 35 years standing, that those students who read fiction regularly are the ones that get good jobs and succeed in life generally. However, reading is an expensive enterprise these days. To read books at little cost or free books buy a KINDLE.

KINDLE is a reading device that helps you store hundreds of e-books in a small, convenient, space. E-books, available with and other stores, cost much less and are sometimes available free of cost. Hence if we invest about five thousand rupees once on a KINDLE, which is also available on installments with, we will increase our chances of reading much more fiction and thereby not only save thousands of rupees every couple of months but increase the chances of landing great jobs and careers. Kindle is available here:

If you have faith in what I say, join me in owning a KINDLE and in being able to read hundreds of books every year at very little cost. In my opinion it is the best investment that a school/college student can make to further a career.

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