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I am reading Karen Clarke’s PUT A SPELL ON YOU, a delightful romantic comedy. As I read on I understand the sea of difference between a young woman’s world and a man’s. The delicate manner in which things are stated, the minute detail given to even the smallest of emotions, the presence of what might be called a “multi-tasking vision” make this novel so different to what one has been used to in fictional works. What is evident is how far fiction has evolved today from where it began. Within the frame of reticence there is so much told in the tale; so much that seems very personal to a woman and even confessional at the outset.
The worlds of men and women are seas apart and when I write of women it becomes a totally different ball game to when a woman writes about them. The point of view from which a tale is told makes all the difference. But I strongly advise readers to read books by women on men and women to see how they see situations. There are moments, though few, in which the male author, and the woman writing, begins to take on the avatar of the other. I am waiting to see if that will happen in PUT A SPELL ON YOU.
I love the style of this book and strongly recommend it to any sensitive man or woman that likes reading. I say this without having reached the end yet because I would like readers to see from inside what it means to be a woman. The ending sure promises to be a great one, but this book is turning out to be more than a novel; it has the potential to give to us the sensibility of a woman.

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