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Movement Literary Fiction

Movement Literary Fiction

Let’s start a movement for the sake of Humanity. It is long overdue. Let us tighten our belts to save the world from becoming commonplace and boring. From today, August 18, 2017, I hereby declare war on that passive spirit which refuses to stand up in support of Literary Fiction. We, the readers and we, the writers need to come together, to promote the depth of human perception. To let deeper perceptions remain the business of a thousandth fraction of humanity is to let slip out of our fingers what our forefathers gave us to civilize us. We owe it to our forefathers as well as our offspring to preserve the best that has been felt and thought in this world and the best that we are capable of thinking and feeling.

Fiction is the most accessible form of literature and literature is the quintessence of what has been deeply felt all over the globe. Let the world not be deprived of the treasure that human souls have put together from Time and Space far removed from us. We cannot allow a Tulsidas, a Homer or a Shakespeare to just die out in favor of some contemporary crap that is served to us like fast food in the absence of more nourishing stuff. But the litterateurs mentioned above may not come down favorably to some because the gap between them and some of us is too great. For this reason, Literary Fiction is the need of the hour. Let us make the effort to save it as the Renaissance saved ancient Greek and Roman culture; it took man forward by bringing him back to his human glory. There comes a time in history when it becomes necessary to make the effort; to retreat in order to advance. Let us not be just passive readers of ordinary books and magazines, that may help us pass our time but will make human glory a thing of the past. Let us act now. Let us make groups and societies for the writing and reading of contemporary literary fiction.

Let not our computers that are taking us ahead, be the cause of the degeneration and the degradation of the human species. Let our computers work for the upliftment of Literary Fiction. Without it and with the increase of the cheaper version of crime fiction, we will become a more criminally minded lot; those that look ahead to more ideologies that promote terrorism.

I take the liberty of quoting from a recent account on Literary Fiction:

Jack Smith:

‘For a fictional work to be classified as “literary”, it must have the capacity to resonate with readers on several different levels. To put it another way, it must be layered and multifaceted in meaning; There is much more at hand than the story you’re “seeing” and following on the page – it contains levels that go fathoms beyond plot and characterization.

So, how do you pull that off? Well. It’s not just about artful language, as many think – but that’s great place to start. (251)

Now we move to the real core-dividing line between literary and genre fiction: the fact that literary works transcend the surface levels of plot, character, and setting. Literary fiction must allow for, or lend itself to, interpretation of human experience, establishing a vision (if not a particular worldview) of what it means to be human. Themes and ideas may include insights into topics such as these:

  • what makes people tick (psychology)
  • the nature of humans in groups, society, and culture (history and sociology)
  • the meaning of human life (philosophy, religion)
  • the nature of fair play and moral action (ethics) (253)

I strongly recommend authors such as Arundhati Roy, Jeffrey Eugenides, Ali Smith, Ian McEwan, Alice Munro, Gautam Malkani, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and others.


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