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Intriguing Women: An Extract

Intriguing Women
Intriguing Women

Intriguing Women: An Extract:

The following is the shortest story from the collection, Intriguing Women, my second story collection. It is Flash Fiction, a genre growing popular in contemporary times. Other stories are much longer ranging up to forty or more pages in some cases.


The Wedding

Every so often life behaves like a rollercoaster, taking you to the heights and dropping you, thud. Even after reaching the top you are always slipping down. The hardest of rock that you are placed on turns out to be quicksand at the crucial moments. This is what he concluded when he attended the wedding of his recently divorced wife with her brand new, unspoiled, bridegroom. She had been gracious enough to invite him, he thought, and he had been social enough to attend the wedding. Their sojourn together had been a series of understandings. The final picture had emerged only after some years could elapse. At times they felt that they were born to marry each other, but then came the realization that they came together only to part company. Marriage had been a kind of window through which both managed to peep into human nature.

Lakshmi Raj Sharma


Raj Sharma, Lakshmi. Intriguing Women (Kindle Locations 2558-2564). The Paris Press..

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