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Anguish makes Writers

The world in which we live has all kinds of people. The majority doesn’t think deeply; others do most of its thinking. They are a little like ants, or perhaps animals, that move in battalions or herds. They roll on like stones pushed ahead by streams hardly making any personal effort to impel them ahead. Most don’t even realize whether their actions are actually good for them or for others. They just act without thinking enough. One could reason that serious thinking is unnatural to the human species as a lot. It is something that some acquire when they fall out of their herds, from social groups, and make their havens in isolation from society. They fall out because they feel that they are not like the rest in the herd of humanity. They find themselves sensitive in both the positive and negative senses. It is a feeling that they are not good enough by social standards, awkward, even gawky. They suffer intensely and become neurotic at times. They border on being abnormal, sometimes even insane. Because they have learned to think seriously about themselves and their worlds they get more and more self-conscious, feel piqued in the company of others, and need seclusion. Anguish makes a writer. The more this happens to them, the more people begin to avoid them. Most people prefer others who are social beings like themselves, people who don’t think too deeply and move along with human herds. It is a vicious circle – people avoid these thinking beings and they avoid people.
The problem with these seemingly awkward people is that they begin to look upon society as a hurdle. Handling human company is daunting; the easier thing to do is avoid it. In isolation, thoughts become their greatest companions. These thoughts intensify and develop into ideas. Ideas are interesting and attractive to the minds of those that have built walls between themselves and society. They provide a thrill or at least preoccupy the minds they inhabit and begin to become surrogates for people. Ideas can become more satisfying than human company.
Ideas are very powerful commodities. They grip sensitive minds. They develop into stories or philosophical tenets. Gradually these ideaslakshmi-raj-sharma

Intriguing Women
Intriguing Women


Marriages are made in India
Marriages are made in India

help the thinking minds to realize that they are in fact not as odd and ugly as they imagined themselves. They are in fact superior to others in some sense as they can do what others cannot. This realization is generally at an unconscious level. The thinking mind sets out to achieve this discovery and gets down to writing the ideas garbed in a story, novel, play or poem; or if he is of the philosophical bent of mind, into a philosophy. The results come slowly, but they do come. Such a mind begins to be recognized in society as a writer, thinker or a philosophical being, quite different from the run of the mill population. It begins to celebrate its new avatar because it has learned to look upon itself and the world not as it did in thoughtless youth. The road on which such a mind is to travel begins to emerge and the journey is the artful existence of a writer in which most movement is inwards, into the deep resources of the soul and towards other inner visions that keep providing fascinating voices.


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  1. Devraj Singh Devraj Singh

    Very noteworthy words. I wonder if these people are most influenced by their upbringing which is full of values. And these people should continue to enlighten the world with their writing.

  2. Thanks, Devraj. You are quite right when you say that they are greatly influenced by their upbringing. Upbringing it is which shapes them to a great extent. It is sometimes responsible for making them reserved, shy, or reticent. Yes, they should indeed play their role in society, sometimes as torchbearers.

  3. Dharmendra Rana Dharmendra Rana

    Good information about the journey of becoming a writer.

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