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A poem I wrote today: Writing time=thirteen and a half minutes

The World


The world, curled into thoughts

Of various shapes and hues,

Settles onto a bowl in my mind.

Dessert-like, promising me

The last sweet before  I set off

To begin life anew; meet those

That had bid me adieu and are

Now well settled there.

Will I carry it like my baby,

Or leave it behind, after

The care I took to keep it round,

Unbroken, undented, whole?

Slippery, greasy, world:

Sit there curled in the mind,

Remain there like a thought

Of something lost, not to

Accompany me in my journey.

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  1. Praveen Kumar Praveen Kumar


  2. krushna charan sahu krushna charan sahu

    Sir,the poem is just a magical realism..i want to post a poem in your blog sir..

    • Thanks Krushna. Please do in the comments column.

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