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Being “womanated” is being highly perceptive about women.

There is no one way in which we can decide about what women are. The women of every country are different to the women of every other country. There is therefore no blanket way of understanding them. But there are some features that are common to most women. They look prettier, more elegant, softer, more caring, more sensitive, more demanding at times, more persistent and easier to annoy. But these days men and women are increasingly becoming similar in their ways and responses. The media is bridging the gap between the two sexes by exposing the two to each other as it never did. It is sometimes not discreet  to utter much about women. Yet, we cannot help observing how fascinating and charming they can be, how mysterious and difficult to understand.

Intriguing Women
Intriguing Women

Women are often so much more pleasing than men.

Without entering into any debate that evaluates genders, I want to point out what is generally missed. I have been struck by the elegance of women and have written about them so often in my fiction. My second story collection is called INTRIGUING WOMEN and my other books of fiction have generally revolved around women because I cannot help returning to them whenever I write. Here is the entire ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS of INTRIGUING WOMEN:


I am grateful to Womankind for thus overpowering my Mind.

A Mother’s role goes beyond words.

Sisters speak through younger brothers eternally.

Beauty attracts; impacts; sets thinking.

Ugly men just watch, admire and are driven to philosophize.


I have been affected by their charms and their little mischiefs, as few are. You need to read INTRIGUING WOMEN to see how much my critical and favorable eye traces them. I have been able to see, I feel at times, what it is to be a woman. I am not certain whether women know that as much as I do. One response that women readers have given to my fiction is that they have have been struck by my unique perception of women’s behavior.

I now come to a key concept which I seem to have thought out. In order to talk about this new concept, I have coined a new word, “WOMANATED”. One who is womanated is gifted with a unique faculty of remaining absorbed in women. This absorption is not of a physical nature. Such persons are neither womanizers nor are they womanly. Women are attractive for them because of what women are or can be. In a sense, all fiction writers are interested in women and men. But one who is womanated will keep returning to the subject of women, because for such a man or woman, a woman’s behaviour is a vital matter. When women themselves are womanated, they are generally lost to the critic’s eye, but when a man is womanated he is considered funny though he should not be because he reveals what a woman actually is to him. INTRIGUING WOMEN should be read with this in mind. It is all about what Woman is or what women-types are.

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