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When THE TAILOR’S NEEDLE was released

When THE TAILOR’S NEEDLE was released by Penguin India in December 2012 a team of friends, colleagues, students and well-wishers did something for me and my novel that is probably unprecedented in the history of book publishing. Venita Banerjee, Sonjoy Dutta Roy, Nandni Dutta Roy, Jaya Kapoor Chaddha, Shruti Pant, Raju Parghi, Dhruv Raj Sharma, K. K. Tiwari, Ajitesh Singh, Kapil Kumar,Satish Prajapati, Ankur Tripathi and some others worked together as a team for over a month to stage scenes from this novel at its book launch. The book launch coincided with the date on which the book was released. Shyamal Narain compered the show, Prof. H S Saxena released the book while Prof. Sumita Parmar and Dr. Sarvjit Mukerji spoke on the novel before a very distinguished gathering.  It was a unique event, the like of which is very rare not only in Allahabad but indeed anywhere. Sunil Umarao video-filmed the scenes that I have put up on the Internet for people to see. The scenes may be watched here:


The novel can be purchased here:



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