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Videos of the Book Launch of INTRIGUING WOMEN

Videos of the Book Launch of INTRIGUING WOMEN

Intriguing Women
Intriguing Women


The book launch for my short story collection, INTRIGUING WOMEN happened in the Department of English, University of Allahabad in June 2016. It can be watched in the videos in seven parts. The videos are arranged in serial order from top to

eywords=intriguing+women bottom:

The book is released by Prof. R. K. Singh, Head, Dept. of English, University of Allahabad. After the book is formally launched, four professors: Dr. S D Roy, Dr. S Mukerji, Dr. Jaya Kapoor and Mr. Raju Parghi ask the author, Prof. Lakshmi Raj Sharma, questions related to INTRIGUING WOMEN which he answers. In the audience, the majority of those present are students of the Dept. But there are some  others as well.

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