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That fiery image

That fiery image


A fire keeps burning inside me,

I’ve tried to quench it with work, with writing,

but nothing works. It is as though an image

has been churning in the mind to find an outlet.

An image generated in another birth

seems to want to reach out.

I run ahead of it, looking back enroute.

It showers lava on the mind’s eye

or works up a fiery whirlwind, smothered

in the moment it moves ahead.

I feel restless, anchored to another world

not this; not clear, yet one on fire,

beckoning me to come and burn

with signals unclear, unknown.

In vain I try to decipher, in vain I try to connect.

More real than reality; more abstract than the air.

It haunts me and flaunts me with

hope that spells despair.



Lakshmi Raj Sharma

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