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My writing career has taught me a lot about what the need of the hour is to help me write and publish effectively. Though I’ve stuck my neck in literary fiction, which is my first love, because effective words are my passion, I am looking at what the reading public needs. I will not water down my writing at any cost but I cannot forget that I am living in the 21st century, which is different to the 20th, and I cannot write like the 20th century writer.
I have been fortunate in getting the attention of readers the world over, specially in the case of my Raj novel, THE TAILOR’S NEEDLE, published in 2012 by Penguin Books India, and now picking up sales rather fast. This novel was first published by a small publisher in the UK but the publishing house closed soon after and then Penguin picked it up. I also a have an e-book of short stories, Marriages are Made in India, published from the USA, which has done quite well.
Now I am bring out my second collection of stories in January 2016. It is called INTRIGUING WOMEN and will be brought out by White Glove, UK. This collection has the potential to sell extremely well because it has characters from several countries, both East and West and the stories will speak for themselves. I know by now what readers want and I have tried to live up to their expectations. I have also been true to myself in the writing of the stories. I have made no compromises. My literary agent has loved these stories and I know that these will catch up with the reading public.
What I have seen in the meantime is how the publishing industry is undergoing a change. I see how traditionally published authors are now giving up the idea of a big deal from publishers and going in for indie publishing. I have seen how millions of copies get sold when the indie author knows what he or she is doing. I am being drawn to this temptation for my next novel, EMANCIPATION, which awaits publication. I will consult a few people, including my literary agent, and then decide what I am to do with this novel. In the meantime, my eyes are on INTRIGUING WOMEN. I have much to expect from it in 2016.

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