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If I lived When the Buddha Did

If I lived when the Buddha did
I might have snatched a few laurels.
He too gave up home and property
To shine through the dark,
Building a Noah’s ark,
That separated him from the rest.
But I live now, when life itself
Is polluted; even sainthoods are disputed.
My sins are noted, my anger bloated;
Their cause left quite unseen.

If I lived when Shakespeare did
I might have won a few laurels.
He too had lived in self-exile
Not able to bear the life out there.
Target of lord and lady fair, the have and have not:
Searching what the sage found and found not.
My age’s not profound; it sticks to the ground.
Honours bhagats of the chetan kinds,
Far from deep souls and psychic minds
Abounding well in how the self to sell.

Poem by Lakshmi Raj Sharma


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  1. Brijesh kumar Brijesh kumar

    You are not less than them for your students, sir. So far as sainthood is concerned, it was not tainted in those days because people who could have raised their voices, were made deaf and dumb by those who had power of all kind in their hands.

  2. Thanks for those beautiful words, Brijesh. I do feel honoured by what you say. However, the “I” in the poem is not quite me. He could be a little like me. The speaker in the poem is a character who is not satisfied by what goes on around him. He is a non-achiever or a lesser achiever even than me.

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