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Good Readers for Submitting-Writers

Good Readers for Submitting-Writers

Who is a good reader for a writer about to send in a manuscript to the publisher?

When your manuscript is completed and you want to know how it sounds to a reader, which reader(s) should you choose?

The answer is the ones that can appreciate your voice. Your voice is the real you. But you can very easily lose it in trying to be a successfully published author. So try not to lose it by keeping the following points in mind as you write:

  • Write as your own self. Do not imitate others.
  • Do not be a stickler for grammatical or other linguistic rules.
  • Write fearlessly, without thinking of the consequences of what people will say.
  • Your own peculiar way of seeing and saying should be put down on the page.

Once you have been able to write in your voice, think of the best reader to tell you whether it is a successful piece of writing. He is probably going to be one:

  • Who is not afraid to call a spade a spade.
  • Who is not a clever person in the negative sense; one who will say only that which will not displease you.
  • Who is not an author or professor herself for she will tend to look at everything in relation to what may be best suited for her to say or profess.
  • Who possesses intelligence and the ability to appreciate literary stuff.
  • Who is not easily swayed away by emotional considerations.
  • Who is sincere to the power n. Such a person will not come up with responses in a hurry but wait to read the manuscript thoroughly at leisure. They will give their time and will therefore be able to visualize how people like them would respond to the writing in question.

The best reader should not be cynical; cunning; selfish; jealous of friends; a strong believer in a particular creed, philosophy or way of life. They should typically not be butterflies, coxcombs, dandies and orthodox people. They will then allow you to retain your voice in the writing.



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